Mike Curb MELE Studios

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The Mike Curb MELE Studios provides students with the ability to learn on equipment that is equally, if not more, advanced that what they will encounter in the workplace.  The selection of this equipment is guided by MELE’s Advisory Board, which comprises music industry and education experts, and ensures that student learning in the program will translate into real-world skills and value to employers.

The Mike Curb MELE classrooms, recording studios, and technical shop are housed in one building located on the main campus of Honolulu Community College. The Mike Curb MELE Studio contains two classrooms, three recording studios and one tech shop.  The studios were designed by Shimokawa Nakamura architects and Belmont University.   

The facility is used in the instruction of all audio engineering and music business courses.  In addition, the facilities have been used in a professional operating environment as well as non-credit course work.  In every instance, the audio equipment installed in the Mike Curb MELE studios is industry standard equipment that can be found in audio facilities throughout the world. Studio equipment and specific performance characteristics are selected based on the curricular standards for each course and industry best practices.  As students progress through the coursework, they are introduced to and operate different types of signal flow and console architecture.